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We have partnered with 3 organisations in Burundi: RAJADES, Together For Development and ICJ. The dressmakers at these organisations have made us a small production run of the Dorcas Dress in this beautiful local cotton waxed print.

Please help us help these beautiful people, full of life, even through the challenges they face.

Our Dorcas dress is a dress for all seasons of life, including pregnancy and nursing. Place dress over head. Thread back ties through the loops and tie at the back. Pleat fabric flat under pocket. Wrap the front bodice around the back and draw the ties to the front, tying in a bow to sit over or under the bodice.

Our size-adjustable dress was specially designed so it could be made in remote parts of the world, just like Burundi, where access to electricity is limited and sourcing trimmings difficult.

With your help and purchase we are able to support people out of situations of hardship by providing training, resources and pastoral care. We model our charity on our namesake Dorcas: a dressmaker from the early church, who welcomed others into her group, shared her sewing skills and took care of the marginalised in her community.

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Bright red leaf, Colourful butterfly, Jade wax and tie, Reflections in the water


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