The Dorcas Dress project supports people out of situations of hardship by providing training, resources and pastoral care. We offer sewing and craft workshops in local settings in the UK. We have sewing hubs in other places, for example Nigeria and Uganda, where trainers support the people around them to grown their own businesses, using our specially designed, size-adjustable dress as part of their enterprise tool-kit. We also offer English classes to garment and textile workers who have moved to the UK for a better life: factory work is hard, production margins are tight and the industry struggles to support these valuable workers.

We model our charity on our namesake Dorcas: a dressmaker from the early church, we image her sitting in the market-place, shared her sewing skills and taking care of those with needs in her community.  

The intention for all our trainees and volunteers is that they enjoy their time working with us.  Our trainers and mentors are a vital part of our program and provide trainees with the valuable support they need.  Trainees come from all walks of life and places.  We want our trainees to feel valued and supported.  During their time with us we want them to learn new things, develop their skills and leave with increased employment opportunities.

All our trainees have access to an online learning platform. You are very welcome to visit as a guest, experience some of our training tools and find out more about setting up a sewing hub.


What our trainees say:

“The online learning platform is easy to use and the video instructions are clear and detailed.”

”I have grown in confidence since being part of this sewing hub.”

”Everyone is supportive and friendly.”

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