Who we serve.

We support people out of financial poverty, whilst aiming to address the underlying issues that cause their poverty. People in situations of hardship may be in one or more of the following groups:

Where they live in a deprived community where work opportunities are few or inadequately remunerated. 

~ The project will benefit the community as a whole by providing gainful employment and redirecting revenue into the local economy.

Where there is isolation due to social or cultural factors, for example resettled people. 

~ The project will provide opportunities to integrate into the local community.

Where there is difficulty demonstrating good employment history. 

~ The project will provide them with practical skills that would enhance their employability.

Where mental health issues or disabilities have prevented someone attaining work. 

~ The project will provide them with a sense of value.

Where caring responsibilities have meant availability to work is irregular. 

~ The project will provide opportunities to stay connected with the wider community.

Where there is a background of welfare dependency. 

~ The project will empower them and provide employability skills.

We also work with third party charities or organisations who work with and support people from situations of hardship. 

We do not consider this to be a definitive list.