Milk drop ear rings


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These ear rings have been made from up-cycling used milk bottles into ‘buttons’ hung on silver plated copper wire.

One of our trainees, Charlie, at our hub in Shropshire has produced these for us. Charlie has spent time with us learning to sew and craft. She has gained the confidence to set up her own jewellery making small-business, selling at local craft fairs near her home in Shropshire. “I enjoyed making the earring because it challenged me and I was successful with making them. It’s thanks to Dorcas and Hope Church believing in me that I have made progress. I’m more confident in myself and now have a job. In the future I would like to work with people who are struggling.”

The widest ‘button’ has a diameter of approximately 4cm, with a total drop of about 8cm.  

Originally designed by Tilly, an Abingdon and Witney College Art student as part of a project brief we set to design jewellery we could include in our collection which had low resource costs and used a select of simple hand tools: ideal for entrepreneurs to when starting a new business.

Our craftspeople receive £3.60 for making each pair.  It takes about 15 minutes to cut, bend and assemble them.
Ear ring hooks are stirling silver. The remaining funds are used to support trainees like Charlie to grow in confidence and resilience for the workplace.

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