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Our New Focus Team

We’ve started a new initiative where we employ a representative from each sewing hub for one day a month (a small sustainable start that we’d like to grow and develop). We share new skills, share life and then pass on new skills to the rest of the hub members. We thought you’d like to meet the members.

From our first African sewing hub in Nigeria, may I introduce Joy.

“My name is Arowosomo Joy. I am from Nigeria, Ondo state,  Ilaje local government. I am living in Ondo state. My local region is known for agriculture, our soil is very good in growing seeds and we are also good in livestock farming.  My church serves the community by helping the helpless with what she has, their main focus is to serve humanity and make sure life is worth living for everyone in the community. 

The reason why I wanted to be a focus team member is because I want to learn and share ideas with different people in the world and this will also give me the insight about other cultures of people in the world.”

What is your precious object and why?

“My precious gift was an ancient plate with different designs on it, it was gifted to me when I was about to get married, because the designs shows me leaving my parent house. And whenever I see that plate I do remember I’m no longer in my parent house until recently. I lost it when I move out of my old place but it’s still in my heart.”

We have two sewing hubs in Uganda. Suzan is from the capital, Kampala. Sharon and Celine are from Soroti, in the northern part of the country.

“My name is Akoli Suzan from lira in Dokolo, born in the northern part of the country. My place of birth is known for agricultural practices such as digging rice, sunflower, cotton wool, growing payn trees and get wood, however it’s also known for tourists attractions. There are animals in the forests that bring in tourists it’s called Agwara forest, it is the hotest place compared to other provinces.

I was so happy when I joined as our focus team member. It helped me to know some new things like making new bag designs and sewing The Dorcas Dress. I think it’s going to be a wonderful opportunity for me to learn and share skills as well as having fellowship with members and I think I may help out my family through being part of this focus team.”

“My name is Sharon Acom. I am an orphan, now married to my beloved husband Joel odongo. I am from the North Eastern part of Uganda, Soroti district, Teso region. Teso is known in agriculture and we grow crops more of home consumption and for sale e.g groundnuts,maize, beans, Cassava, sweet potatoes since our climate is moderate.

I am the co-founder of the organization called transformation advocacy network Uganda (TANU) whereby our major aim is to empower youth in the local community to live a transformed life or being self sustainable through Skilling. Reasons of me being a focus team member is to learn, explore, from other people, culture, socialize, network, create peace and unity world wide. I am a woman of craft, since I grew up I love doing much of craft and being creative and innovative in whatever I do and I believe my being a focus team member am going to learn more, thanks to the focus team family.

God bless”

“My name is Aduto Celine. I am living in Soroti district, Dakabela county, Oculoi sub-county   Adamasiko parish. My local region is known for agriculture, animal rearing and fishing in the wetlands .

In our culture, a man has to marry woman not a woman marrying a man and a man takes all the responsibilities. We have a local charity organization where by our main aim is to transform the lives of people through up-skilling. Our aim is to promote development of the community, unity and humanity among the community. I wanted to be a focus team member so I could learn new business skills and ideas which I can pass on to our local people. I also wanted to make new friends outside the country.”

What is your precious object and why?

“Since my child hood I loved  a sewing machine and I had a dream of knowing how to use it and I had a dream of becoming a seamstress  and my dream has come true and made me to achieve my goals in life where by right now I know how to operate it. I have skills of making clothes and different fashions, even outside the country with the Dorcas Dress! I pass on these skills as a trainer at the vocational centre. This enables me to earn  a living where by I can support my parents now.”

And then we have Esperance from Burundi.

“I am from Burundi, born in the province of Mwaro, the western part of the country. My place of birth is known for its agricultural practices such as breeding domestic animals (cows, goats and pigs). However it is also known for its touristic scenery. There is a beautiful waterfall which we call the Mwaro falls, a very sacred site, because our kings back then used to perform important rituals. However it is the coldest place as compared to other provinces.

I love being a focus team member because it allows me to broaden my mindset in terms of business and sewing. This is a great opportunity for me to expand my network, learn and share skills as well as having fellowship with other seamstresses. 

I hope to raise my family from the poverty that beholds our home while also pushing the community forward.

I was once vulnerable, having gone through a lot, but the Lord is Good and Faithful. Helping vulnerable women is a passion which I greatly intend to pursue.

And this is Roza and Tina from our Tanzania hub.

“Hello, my name is Roza Elongobalo. I am from Tanzania. I am happy very much to be together in a group of sewing, madam Maria. It enables us to learn and know a lot. My goal is to empower orphans and widows,”

My name is Tina Mako, I live in Tanzania. When I joined the group, I was very happy because I like to work together because the more I talk and work with people, the more I increase my knowledge. I like to sew, I also like to learn different styles from other people, when I saw the dress used by Madam Maria, it took me a while to understand it, but thank God I was able to sew it. I want to learn from others and I want to gain knowledge through this group, thank you so much everyone.”

And then we have Christine from Kenya.

And Emma from West Oxfordshire in the UK.

“I am Christine Mulari . I come from the western rural part of Kenya. The nearest town is Kakamega. I love learning as well as teaching. I love seeing little by little progress that people make through learning that eventually transform lives. Kakamega is well known for bullfighting and cock fighting.Kakamega is mostly inhabited by luyha speaking people. We love Ugali( our stable food).”

What is your precious object?

“My precious object is not tangible 😀. This is a gift I was given by my closet and best friend. I grew up and had never received a gift from anyone. It’s a gift of intercession. This is my precious gift that I received from my precious Best Friend.

The reason why I am in the focus team is because I wish to learn and implement the new skills as well as interact with different cultures. I am also open for anyone who wishes to learn anything that is within my knowledge that will help in transforming our communities… Blessings.”

“Hello, my name is Emma. I am from a town called Witney in the county of Oxfordshire in the UK. My town was well known for making blankets. I am a volunteer of the Dorcas Dress Project in my town to help me improve and learn new sewing skills and help others who love to sew to the best of my abilities,  whenever I am able to.

Dorcas Dress Project is helping me boost my confidence, learn new skills, and meet new people. 

I am looking forward to learning and sharing my knowledge about sewing and I am hoping I will enjoy it too.”

And lastly Abigail is setting up a sewing hub in India.

“Hello everyone my name is Abigail, I am from Bengaluru India. My city is IT capital of India because it’s the nation’s leading software exporter as well as a major semiconductor hub.

With my husband, we have both religious and charitable trusts. Through our philanthropic mission we are making positive impact on society such as showing love of humanity to underprivileged women giving gifts of time, talent, and treasure to help make their life better and beautiful.

We are providing sewing machines and teaching them how to sew with the help of The Dorcas Dorcas Project and making them self employed and be self sufficient to their families. We are providing education to underprivileged children. Through this we are sharing God’s love for many lives.

As a focus team member I would like to give a better and happier life to my team members, through all kinds of support physically and mentally.”

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